Permission scopes

Permission (OAuth) scopes are the permissions that Simple Poll requires to function properly in Slack. Slack publishes guidance about understanding these permissions scopes in their help center, which you may find helpful to review:


Add the /poll and /decision commands to your workspace as well as app actions such as "Turn question into poll"


Deliver notifications to individual users, for example in cases where a new decision was captured in a channel that the user is following


Post messages such as polls and decisions


Automatically join public channels where you use Simple Poll, without you needing to manually /invite @simplepoll


Respond to direct mentions of the Simple Poll app, to display help text about how to use the app


Keep Simple Poll up to date when a workspace domain or name changes, which helps prevent some bugs. Also used to display the workspace icon in the Simple Poll dashboard


Enable Simple Poll to consistently display user display names across the app's surface areas

channels:read, groups:read, mpim:read, im:read

Requested so that Simple Poll knows whether it is present in a Slack channel, or whether a user still needs to invite the app. Also required to make Simple Poll work well consistently across different parts of Slack, to support shared channels, and for consistent display of channel names.


Enable Simple Poll to offer the Create Poll workflow step to be used as part of workflow builder.